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Kid's Supershape Team Easy

Kid's Supershape Team Easy

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Parents know the Supershape Team Easy optimizes weight balance distribution for stability, balance, and control. Kids know that since the Supershape Team Easy is easy to carve, it makes skiing super fun. HEAD's technology means this lightweight junior ski is soft flexing, allowing the ski to arc a turn with less energy. The bindings are easy to put on and take off and the skis are light to carry. Both parents and kids benefit from less fatigue, resulting in longer days on the mountain. 


Length: 67/77/87/97/107/117/127/137/147/157 
radius: 8,0 @ Length 127 
Sidecut: 111/67/96 @ Length 127


  • Jr. Power Frame
  • ERA 2.0
  • E Base black
  • Structured Surface
  • Junior Rocker
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