Ski Guidelines


To enjoy your day on skis it is important to choose the appropriate ski from the very beginning. Either you are a starter or expert. The right product is crucial.

First evaluate your level


you want to start and just began your skiing career,  you want to have fun. The ski should help you to improve your skills.


skiing is pleasure; you can ski, have a certain technique and can ski down different kind of slopes.


you know how to ski strong and safe, are experienced with technique, snow conditions and slopes.



At HEAD we distinguish between different silos or segments of skiing. Each has its own characteristic and style. As skiing is much segmented already we want to deliver each segment the best possible solution.

To find a model for your use and your needs, you must set the field on which you want to evolve.


Speed is in your blood. You are a potential Worldcup Rebel. You are looking for performance and speed. Our Worldcup Rebels ski provide the features you´re looking for. Narrow footprints for accurate turns perfect stability and fantastic acceleration. 


You are a former racer or at least a great skier. Mainly on piste, enjoying the first run and fresh groomed slopes. Our performance models provide constructions like a race ski but with much lower radius. That less exhausting, easier to ski but as much fun.

All Ride

With ALLRIDE or All Mountain as we also call it we have two different segments. The new V-Shape line with its LYTTECH technology is mainly for on piste skiing. Different characteristic within the line. Easy, fun, enjoy the mountain kind of style.

Nomen est Omen. The MONSTER line delivers the promise. A race construction ski including ERA 3.0 for wider footprint skis. Enjoy the feeling of a race ski with a wide platform under your foot. A totally new experience for on-piste and off-piste adventures. 


The one and only real women line on the market. Totally different style and characteristic than any other women line. Lightweight, balance and control. Light done right. Graphene as main material provide 20% less weigh and enable a unique weight balance profile, ERA 3.0 deliver the perfect control. Different skis for different user levels. Pure Joy for beginners and Super Joy for race power ladies.


Do want you want, ski were you want. But especially enjoy the fresh snow when there is. Wider footprint, tip and tail Rocker for great floatation and maneuverability. The Flight series allows you the go off piste and with its shorter radius provide easy skiability also on piste. For those days without fresh snow.


You like Rail. You like half-pipes, you like slopestyle in general. Our state of the art twin-tip freestyle ski provide cutting edge technology and great fun.


Our kids deserve the best they can get. ERA 2.0 our Junior Rocker profile provide easy and quick learning skills for the youngster. For those who start to those how already crush it.



In a nutshell: Skis with short radius should be skied with shorter length; the better the skier the longer the ski length. Starters are better off with shorter skis, experts will choose longer skis for faster turns.

The right length of your ski is not primarily depending on your personal height but more so from your abilities, technique and also requests. 

Long skis provide more stability at high speed, you can go faster but you also need more power to steer the skis.

Shorter skis are more agile, engage quicker but are less stable at long turns and high speed.



Skis which are properly maintained increase not only its speed but also safety. You can maintain your ski by yourself or by a retail skiing expert. A running base of a ski is like the skin of our body. The better you treat it the longer it lasts and performs. If the running base looks already white or grey it´s time to wax it.

The edges of the ski are equally important. Sharp edges provide the necessary stability and grip during a turn. It will make your skiing life easier and you´ll have much more fun.

The factory tuning of our skis is between 0,8–1,2° base bevel and 1–1,5° on the side. (depending on the level of ski; performance skis are more aggressive then starter skis). Your HEAD stockist knows best about that standards and will be able to help you.

After the season, we suggest a service just as you do with your car. Once a year an all-around service for running base and edges will help you to prolong the lifetime of the product.