Odyssey of the Five Lucky Bastards

Odyssey of the Five Lucky Bastards


The film "Odyssey of the Five Lucky Bastards" follows a team of professional skiers, snowboarders, and sailors as they embark on a journey to combine their passions in the mountains and seas of Greece. They experienced an unforgettable trip beyond their wildest expectations - in the deepest sense - connected to the elements and the culture on site.

The team was made up of individuals from different backgrounds: Cody Bramwell, a professional snowboarder and Freeride World Tour athlete, usually spends his summers in Greece as his family runs a water sports center there but never experienced it in winter so far. He invited the Canadian pillow skier specialist Jordy Kidner, the Swedish skier and photographer David Kantermo, his local friend, the mastermind of the trip itself and backflip dreamer Nick Fakinos and the local skipper and captain of the “Odyssey” Alex Nikoletopoulos, whose longtime sailing expertise was the perfect complementation to the team’s mountain experience.


Greece is a country known for its mountainous terrain and stunning sailing spots. They took advantage of their broad skills to explore the mountains and discover new skiing and snowboarding areas in the country while sailing from spot to spot in the Mediterranean, taking in the beautiful views and enjoying the warm sun.  


Throughout the trip, the team faced many challenges and obstacles, from rough seas to snowy mountain roads. However, they persevered and ultimately achieved their goal of combining their passions and proving that Greece can be a great and unexpected playground for both snowboarding/skiing and sailing. This film shows the team's experiences, providing a glimpse into the thrill and excitement of their journey.


Despite the challenges, their trip was filled with many exciting and unforgettable moments. They were able to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Greece, from the picturesque Mediterranean to the snow-capped mountains. They also got to experience the local culture, from traditional Greek food to the warm hospitality of the locals.


Overall, "Odyssey of the Five Lucky Bastards" is an inspiring film that showcases the power of teamwork and the joy of pursuing one's passions. It is a visual feast of the beauty of Greece and a must-watch for anyone who loves snowboarding, skiing and sailing.

Starring Cody Bramwell, Jordy Kidner, David Kantermo, Nick Fakinos, Christian Manousaridis, Alex Nikoletopoulos, and Alex Panagakos.

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How did you come up with Greece? Who had the idea to go there and why?          

So long story short: I was on a ferry on a surf trip bound for Crete (yes there is decent surf in Greece as well!) and I was talking with my greek buddy Nick. I was telling him that it’s been a bit of a trend lately that people sail and snowboard in places like Norway. To my scepticism, he was explaining that a similar thing could be done in Greece. So after a bit of proof in terms of photos and videos of his friends in the mountains I was pretty blown away and couldn't stop thinking about doing a trip.

Even though I've grown up in Greece as a kid, my family has a watersports business on an island called Ios, I never even knew you could really snowboard in Greece let alone with amazing snow and the mountains to match.

What were your expectations before the trip?

Yeah so honestly my expectations were super low snowboarding-wise. First of all, I thought the mountains were way smaller and I knew timing in good snow can be really tricky. I knew it still would be an amazing trip considering the culture and the people of Greece as I've grown up here, it truly is an amazing country that everyone should visit at any time of the year.

But yeah I’d say I was mostly blown away by the splitboarding potential. We only touched a fragment of the terrain on our short trip over. Greece has over 4000 named mountains and a solid setup of mountain cabins to stay at on the cheap. I’m planning a lot more trips in the future that is no doubt.

What was your personal favorite splitboarding/touring spot?

I’d say our time staying in the mountain cabin in Parnassos and splitboarding behind the resort. We only had time to splitboard two peaks but there were literally endless more lines to do from our eyesight.

What made this trip so special for you?

Greece has always been special to me with so many great memories growing up there. And discovering a completely new side involving my favorite thing in the world, snowboarding, was a pretty amazing experience for me, and sharing that experience with a bunch of newfound friends was pretty cool!

Did there happen unexpectedly? Did you get seasick?

No sickness for anyone if I remember correctly, which is a surprise cause none of us have really sailed before. The only unexpected thing was the pow!


Would you recommend splitboarding/touring in Greece?

Oh, 100 percent. There is literally endless potential. We did a small bit of the mainland and I've even seen the Island of Crete has amazing spring touring! And to combine that with the food of Greece I literally couldn't think of any better combination.

How about hospitality? How about the culture and the people you’ve met during your trip?

Amazing hospitality. It's a country that almost feels like a small village. For example, you would inquire someone about heading north and after a few phone calls they have literally set it up all for you, transportation, accom, and probably a packed lunch from their grandma haha. We couldn't believe how helpful and nice everyone was.

What’s the biggest difference between riding/skiing in Europe/Canada and Greece?

If you're looking just for resort riding Greece is obviously not on Europe or Canada's level. But if you are willing to go on an adventure and walk a little bit you are in for a treat. And it's at a fraction of the price you would pay normally.

Any special tips for someone planning to go there for his/her next splitboarding/touring adventure?

Vassilia is the last place/resort we went to, we only had 1 day there but we were literally getting solo hip-deep pow all day long. And from what I’ve heard it wasn't even a great day by their standards. It’s a bit of a drive as it’s in the north of Greece but nonetheless worth the trek. There are some super nice cheap hotels in the village as well and ski passes are dirt cheap. It’s also pretty cool they have these local friendly shepherd dogs roaming the town and also wild horses wandering around the area!

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