Oblivion 102 - Athlete Review

Oblivion 102 - Athlete Review

Skier: Henry Barton
Age: 22
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 143 lbs
Ski: Head Oblivion 102
Ski Width: 102 mm
Ski Length: 181
Ski weights (per ski): 1788 g
Dimensions: 135-102-125 22.8 turn radius
Bindings: Tyrolia Attack 14 GW
Break Width: 110 mm
My din setting: 10
Mounted: True Center
Locations: New Zealand - Cardrona, Remarkables, Mt Olympus,
Canada - Revelstoke
Conditions skied: Park, Slush, Hardpack/Icy, pow, groomers off piste.
Skier Ability: Expert
Days Skied: at least 50

First Impressions

When I first unboxed these skis I was very excited to ride them as they
looked like the ultimate ski to rip around the whole resort and be playful
but still stable enough to ski fast and carve at high speeds. The width of
them being 102 also in my opinion is the BEST width you can ask for
without sacrificing anything too major. They also have a very beautiful
design and got me itching to get on the slopes. As soon as I started riding
them on the groomers to warm up they felt incredibly responsive and
snappy. The conditions were a very classic New Zealand early season
kind of day quite icy and choppy but no worries for the oblivions. I also
found the turning radius to be quite snappy and easy to throw around but I
did have them center mounted so that probably helped a bit. Switch skiing
is absolutely effortless probably also because these skis are relatively
light for a ski that is 102 wide.

All Mountain

So I finally got the chance to ride these on a decent 30cm pow day at
Treble Cone which is pretty good for New Zealand standards. These skis
have decent float but because of the camber they don’t float as well as I
was hoping, but again I had them center mounted so I can't speak too
much on that as any pow skiing on center mounted skis isn’t ideal. They
were still a heap of fun so if you were looking at riding these skis as pure
all mountain skis i would highly recommend mounting around -4 and I'm
sure they would perform amazing.


In the park these skis absolutely excel. I was very surprised how
responsive they were and everything was just so effortless due to the
swingweight being nice and light. Switch ups were easy and on the jumps
they were super stable and didn’t wash out on the landings despite being
quite soft on the tips and tails. I would give these a very medium flex
pattern 5/10 10 being the stiffest. The camber also helps to snap these
skis back after doing a butter or press which is always nice. I managed to
lace up a nosebutter 4 which I have never done before so I was stoked.
Further into the season I found them a tiny bit hard to chop through the
slush but again probably because they were center mounted.


Overall What truly sets the Head Oblivion 102 apart is its exceptional
responsiveness. The innovative construction combines strength and
agility, translating every subtle movement into seamless turns and
effortless maneuvers. The ski's remarkable edge grip ensures you can
carve through turns with precision, while the rockered tip enhances
flotation in softer snow, giving you an edge in all conditions.
Furthermore, the skis' construction prioritizes durability without compromising on
performance. The solid build instills trust, allowing you to push boundaries and explore
the mountain with confidence, knowing these skis can handle whatever you throw at

In summary, the Head Oblivion 102 skis are a revelation for passionate skiers. Their
blend of versatility, responsiveness, and durability make them a top-tier choice for those
craving an exceptional on-mountain experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an
eager intermediate, these skis will undoubtedly elevate your skiing adventures to new

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