How To Ski Safer And Have More Fun

How To Ski Safer And Have More Fun

In racing it's all about performance and winning. Skiing on the limit is definitely exciting!

But how can we ski safer and have more fun on a regular ski day? Watch the video below for a tip that has been Tina's secret weapon on the World Cup Tour.

To have fun we need to feel comfortable on our equipment. And we only feel comfortable when we're in balance.

To Tina, being in balance means it feels natural. If she's in control and she hits a bump, or has to react quickly, she can, because she is over her skis and reactive.

Secondly, it's a lot about awareness. As when you're driving a car, you need to be on step ahead of what's coming. Observe other skiers, changing snow conditions and your surroundings.

Be In the Moment.
The beauty of skiing lies in only doing that, not thinking about anything but feeling the wind in your face and playing with the forces. Good runs before many runs.

Change it Up.
If you think skiing is getting boring then you're probably doing every run similar to the last one. But there is so much to play with. Different turn radius' from as narrow as possible, to wide and fast. Some old school turns, even drills can be very fun. Try lifting the inside ski in every turn. Ski on one ski only.

We talk about technical details all the time, how your upper body needs to be level, and the skis parallel, with arms driving forward, but often what happens when you try to get everything just right, it can make you stiff, and you start to flex your feet.

Watch the video clip for Tina's secret tip for the one single thing that made a bigger difference to her skiing than any other technical adjustment.

And remember, while technical adjustments to your technique are important, dont forget that skiing needs to feel natural, flowy and free!

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