How To Improve Your Carving technique

How To Improve Your Carving technique

You're already carving but you want to get better? Let's look into what you can do to get more control and more power.

If you look at photos of World Cup athletes you realise that there is almost no limit of how far inside you can go, but here is what they probably do more of than you ...

Outside Ski.
First, the amount of pressure on the outside ski. It's not visible to the eye but they build a very strong platform by pushing that outside ski edge down and really dig it into the snow at the top of the turn. By doing that you've bent the skis even before the apex.

Upper Body Stays Level.
Yes, you want those hips close to the ground but it's still really important that the upper body stays level. Think about a separation of legs and upper body. The upper body moves straight down the hill while the legs travel out. Try pushing your outside arm down. It will take some practice to do great angles and not get the skis too far away from you. Your outside leg should never be fully extended.

Absorb Energy.
Those skis create so much power and speed out of the turn, by the end of the turn you will need to handle that energy. In racing it's all about bringing that energy into a forward movement. But if you're not skiing in the gates you can absorb the energy by sucking up the knees. Be sure the skis stay behind you and you're not getting in the back seat!

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