Supershape i.Magnum Package

Supershape i.Magnum Package

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Like a bottle of fine champagne, there‘s only one size that counts - the Magnum. Pop its cork and you‘ll fly like never before.

The Supershape i.Magnum is a precision instrument for turning speed into pleasure so you can go as fast as you want all day long.  While our handbuilt Worldcup Construction guarantees perfect hold and carvability, with energy enhancing KERS and the Rocker, Radius and Rebound of ERA 3.0 S. In short, it is an all-conditions carver that delivers ultimate fun.

Product Features

KERS, ERA 3.0 S, ­Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction, RD Race Structured UHM C Base, Speed Rocker

Product Details

  • Length - 149/156/163/170/177
  • Sidecut - 131 / 72 / 110 @ Length 170
  • Radius - 13,1 @ Length 170
  • Plate - Multiflexpowerrailbase
  • Binding - 100781 PRD 12 GW Brake 85 [F]