Monster 83 Ti Package

Monster 83 Ti Package

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The Monster 83 Ti is a pure performance ski that will help you take on every challenge.

The  Monster 83 has a completely new look and feel. In addition to its modern design, it also has racing DNA. So you will be riding the same ski that the World Cup Rebels use in their free time. And you have a real bulldozer under your feet. It offers balance and allows you to stand at the centre of the ski. The rapid introduction of the turn allows you to get into a sensational banking position.

Thanks to an ideal rebound effect, you will always maintain a connection with the Monster 83. You will feel everything underneath you and learn new subtle techniques. It's already time again. The mountain awaits you. There's powder on the slopes. Make your mark and leave a lasting impression.

Product Features:

ERA 3.0, ­Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction, Structured UHM C Base, Allride Rocker

Product Details:

  • Length - 156/163/170/177
  • Sidecut - 131 / 83 / 110 @ Length 177
  • Radius - 16,7 @ Length 170
  • Binding - 114315 ATTACK2 13 GW W/O Brake [A]