Kid's WC iRace Team SW - Package 2
Kid's WC iRace Team SW - Package 2
Kid's WC iRace Team SW - Package 2

Kid's WC iRace Team SW - Package 2

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HEAD's Worldcup i.Race Team is the shortest sandwich construction ski on the market and therefore the perfect speed machine for young kids starting their journey towards training as future racers. With a wood construction and built-in has proven HEAD technology, the Worldcup i.Race Team shares the same high-performing characteristics as the adult model. 


Speed: fast
Terrain: On Piste
Skill: Advanced
Length: 130/140/150/160
Radius: 10,8 @ Length 140
Sidecut: 111/67/95 @ Length 140
Binding: JRS 7.5 GW CA BRAKE 78 [H]

The SX 7.5 GW CA for junior skiers is a tech-driven bundle of supreme safety and enhanced power transmission for a progressive, confidence-building ride. Our SX Junior toe and heels are renowned for their precise boot hold, exact rider-to-ski power transfer, and the reduced load on joints of our Full Diagonal release function. Add to this improved kinematics and a 180° vertical and diagonal friction-free boot release and you have a junior binding for confident and fast fun. The binding will fit both adult and children's ski boots, plus GripWalk and GripWalk Junior ski boots. NEW: an updated heel for an easier entry. 


  • Intelligence Technology
  • Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Construction
  • UHM C Base
  • Structured Surface