Kid's WC iRace Team  SW JRS - Package 1
Kid's WC iRace Team  SW JRS - Package 1

Kid's WC iRace Team SW JRS - Package 1

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HEAD's Worldcup i.Race Team JRS is the shortest sandwich construction ski on the market and therefore the perfect speed machine for young kids starting their journey towards training as future racers. With a wood construction and built-in has proven HEAD technology, the Worldcup i.Race Team JRS shares the same high-performing characteristics as the adult model. 


Length: 100/110/120
radius: 10,8 @ Length 140 
Sidecut: 111/67/95 @ Length 140
Binding: SX 4.5 GW AC BR.80[K]
The new JRS 4.5 GW CA binding makes skiing an unforgettable experience for the little ones. Just step in and go. Thanks to the new shape of the sole lug and softer brakes, kids get in and out of the binding in seconds. In addition, the new system is a winner with a lighter weight, softer flex, and is compatible with all ski boot types (A/C/GW A/GW C).
The new JRS bindings are part of the new E4SY series from HEAD/TYROLIA, the new standard for kids’ skiing equipment, providing ski and binding sets that are perfectly matched in terms of easy handling, flex, weight, and step-in.


  • Intelligence Technology
  • Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Construction
  • UHM C Base
  • Structured Surface
  • also available without JRS (Art.-Nr: 314320)