Kid's Joy SLR

Kid's Joy SLR

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Skiing brings JOY. JOY brings laughter. Therefore, skiing brings laughter, and there‘s nothing better than a giggling girl on skis!

Designed specifically for girls the Joy SLR PRO is the gateway to a wonderland of fun allride skiing. We have given this joyful ski a fun feeling yet strong geometry that is light years ahead of other junior skis. We have also empowered it with the special design and performance combination of ERA 2.0, with its versatile mix of floaty rockered tip with optimized turn initiation and control and response of camber underfoot. We believe that if you make it fun then kids just keep coming back.

Product Features:

  • ERA 2.0
  • Jr. Power Frame
  • E Base Black
  • Junior Rocker
  • Structured Surface

Product Details:

  • Length - 87/97/107/117/127/137/147
  • Sidecut - 111/67/96 @ Length 127
  • Radius - 8,0 @ Length 127
  • Binding - 114365 SLR 4.5 GW AC Brake 80 [I] (Sizes 87/97/107)
  • Binding - 114361 SLR 7.5 GW AC Brake 78 [H] (Sizes 117/127/137/147)